Detox Your Mind

Everyone always talks about detoxing your body. The market is filled with juice fasts, 21 day detoxes and weekend-long spa cleanses. While it's great to detox our bodies from time to time, what about detoxing our minds? My mom was given a pamphlet recently, which she shared with me that discussed how we should focus on such a thing.

"Detox your mind.

Turn off the noise in your head...find true rest.

Relieve stress...breathe freely.

Heal the scars in your mind...heal beyond healing.

Say good bye to the old you and meet the new you!"

We become so focused and fixated on our bodies that our minds can sometimes be spoiled and overwhelmed with thoughts. If you're anything like me, I tend to physically get sick when I'm depressed or stressed out. We can literally think ourselves sick! So what would happen to our bodies if we attempted to detox our minds first? Think about how you feel after a vacation with no cell phone or worries. I know I find myself physically energized, eating healthy and feeling lighter. So, next time you think you need a cleanse to jump start a healthy way of life, start with the mind and see how the body follows.