5 Truths About Dating Someone Whose Life Revolves Around Fitness

The first time I knew I wanted to date my now-fiancé Ross was when I saw him out for a run. We’d known each other since we were kids, but it wasn’t until I was a senior in high school — and saw him sprinting past me — that I realized the boy from second grade had grown up. 

We started dating, and so began our journey of growing up together and weaving our individual passions and interests. One big one in particular: Ross’ athletic prowess and commitment to running. He ran varsity track and cross country at New York University while I studied journalism in Boston — so with his daily practices and meets on the weekends, we quickly had to learn how to compromise and support each other. 

While I’m active enough — I do frequent the gym! — our athletic capabilities have never been on an equal plane. In other words, sports were always going to be his thing. 

Eleven years later, we’re still together and Ross is now a competitive triathlete. We no longer have to navigate the Boston-to-New-York long-distance situation, but we now are learning to navigate his twice-a-day training schedule as he prepares for the USA Triathlon National Championships.

Throughout our relationship, and especially now that Ross is in the thick of training, there are some realities I’ve come to realize from dating someone passionate about fitness.

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