Jeff Kober’s 5 Tips For Staying Zen While Traveling

Jeff Kober knows exactly what it takes to become calm in the craziest of situations. As an accomplished actor starring in Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead he learned first hand how constant traveling, long days and overwhelming stress could affect your daily life. Not wanting to live that life anymore, Jess became a Vedic meditation expert and has worked hard to teach people basic techniques to use anytime, but especially when on the go.

Unfortunately, stress and traveling tend to go hand in hand when plans go wrong or you simply can’t disconnect from work. That’s why I tapped him at the Buick 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive to find out five ways to decompress, reset and make the most out of our vacations no matter what goes awry. 

Click HERE to find out his top 5 meditation tips while traveling.