'Sweatworking': Why you should turn your next meeting into a workout

Fitting a workout in between work and family is no easy task. You may have every intention of getting in that early morning run, but your kid gets sick and you need those precious few hours for some extra sleep. Or, you plan to hit the gym after wrapping up at work, but have to take a client out.

Many of us are left having to decide between getting ahead or getting in shape, making the ever popular happy hour part of our daily lives.

But, as more and more people are eager to make their health a priority, there's been a shift from cocktails to cardio to get business done. The growing practice of connecting with a colleague or client over a walk, run or fitness class — aka "sweatworking" — is elbowing networking out of bars and restaurants and into fitness experiences for travelers on the road. Now, group biking or hotel running paths have become the new nine holes of golf rather than a three-martini lunch for business travelers

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