Feng Shui Works. Find Out How To Make It Work For You.

If you read through all 30 of my health lessons I learned before I turned 30 (SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER HERE), you may have noticed one of the items was "Feng Shui works." Well, guess what? It does!

Feng Shui is a practice that I've learned over the years from my mom who just so happens to be an expert on the subject. I got so into the ancient practice, I began to research it more on my own and implement into my own life. Don't believe me? Listen to this story.

I had set up my money corner (check out he bagua map above to see where it is in your home) according to the principles of Feng Shui, but I felt like I was stuck in terms of increasing my income. So, I went over to that area one day and noticed the piggy bank was so full I couldn't put in any more money. I swiftly took that piggy bank to the bank, emptied it out, brought it home and put new money in it with the intention of I wanted new money to flow into our lives. Within a week both my husband and I got raises. 

Convinced yet? 

The practice of Feng Shui is often shrouded in confusion or is simplified to just cleaning up your home. Many people think of it as some kooky, munchy crunchy thing that hippies do. So, I figured I'd take one step with this newsletter to break through that misconception.

I promise there are no sacrifices or weird rituals you need to perform; just some simple changes in your space and you'll see a world of difference. 

While that basic idea does have benefits, there are some better and more surprising ways to take that energy flow a step further. "Feng Shui, particularly Holistic Feng Shui, goes beyond organizing your space because its not about moving your couch and getting rich" Laura Benko, author of the book The Holistic Home: Mind Body Spirit Space, told me. "It's connecting the dots between the challenges in your life and how they can physically manifest in your environment." 

Here are five simple Feng Shui tips you can implement right now to feel a difference: 

1. Take Command of Your Life By Moving Your Bed or Desk
As humans we spend most of our time at work or asleep in bed. So, how the energy flows during those precious hours can have a tremendous effect on your life. If you're feeling vulnerable or out of control, start by moving your bed or desk. "Most people don’t give much thought to the connection between how a piece of their furniture is located and how it can broaden a perspective, boost confidence and facilitate goals," says Laura. "But, one of the main tenants of Feng Shui is about the power of position." For example, if your back is to the door at work or you cannot see who is approaching your bed, you are not in command. "Give yourself an advantage by positioning yourself in the commanding spot wherever you can," says Laura. "If it's structurally impossible to situate yourself in this way (let's say your desk is a fixed cubicle or a commanding wall in the bedroom is impeded by a closet, radiator, etc) then set up a mirror in front of you so when you look in it, it reflects the entrance behind you."
 2. Check Your Mirrors and Décor to Break Bad Patterns
Major common issues like feeling stuck, having a fear of commitment or feeling like you don't measure up can all be stemming from the positioning of items in your environment. "Your home can reveal your subconscious issues," says Laura. "For example, if you haven't updated your decor in eons, chances are you are living in the past in other ways too." If you want to move forward you have to add new elements to your space and get rid of items from the past that could have a negative connotation.  If you feel like you're constantly not good enough your mirrors could be positioned too high. To change that perception, make sure to have a full-length mirror where you can view yourself frequently. Having mirrors that cut off the body can create a disconnect between your mind and body and distort how you view yourself. "The good news is, once you are aware of the connections, the fixes are easy and when your adjusted environment is in alignment with your goals, your mindset will follow."
3. Adjust your Nightstands and You'll Have A Better Relationship
Relationship problems are probably one of the most common concerns for many of us. A lack of balance between a couple can lead to arguments and even breakups. And those seeking relationships can find it increasingly more difficult. "The most common issue I see is a lack of balanced nightstands which inevitably mirror a lack of balance in a (romantic) relationship," says Laura. "The don't have to be match-matchy, just make sure that they are equal in height and quality. Nightstands are like energetic anchors in a relationship."
4. Clear Your Bedroom For A Better Nights Sleep
 Does your bedroom also work as your occasional workspace, workout room, library or electronics center? "Get rid of anything that is a reminder of tasks, exercise or a To-Do list," says Laura. "Place your bed in the commanding position so that you subconsciously feel empowered and not easily startled and you'll sleep better." And while it might be nice to catch that late-night show from bed, Laura suggests that you get rid of electronics in the bedroom. "Electronic pollution impedes a peaceful nights sleep."
5. Ditch Your Decorator
 It's considered a luxury if you have an interior designer or fashionable friend to decorate your home. Though your house may look like it's out of a magazine, it can affect your overall well being. "Being surrounded in a home that is filled with choices that are not your own can have a significant impact on your own inner voice and your confidence to share your opinions," says Laura. "Go over every item in your home and ask yourself 'Do I love it? Does it represent me? Will I use it?' Fill your home with items that you judiciously edit, that hold significant meaning and make you happy." When you create your home what you want your want out of life can more easily happen.
6. You Don’t Have to Use the Color Red
Red is a very powerful color in Feng Shui as it carries the energy element of fire. Many basic articles or books on the topic suggest using this color because it can spark passion, wealth and luck in your life. But, if you don't like the color, you shouldn't use it. "If you don't resonate with it don't do it because you think it will bring you luck," says Laura. "Your discontent will beget itself and put you into an awful mood. And that is not good Feng Shui!"