What are your food cravings telling you?

We all know that feeling when your need for a biscuit goes from non-existent to all-encompassing. This all-too-familiar sensation is known as a food craving and we can often feel powerless against its gastrointestinal demands. While it would be nice if we craved kale and quinoa, usually we long for something sweet, salty or fried — unhealthy food. Even if we think our minds are more powerful than our stomachs, we still find ourselves reaching for that tub of ice cream or bag of potato crisps. 

And though it may seem that there is no escaping these pesky yearnings, like most complicated relationships it takes a level of understanding to see any change. By simply taking a moment to examine your overwhelming urges, you can start to fight them off or satisfy them in a healthier way. “Most cravings indicate a deficiency in the body,” says wellness expert Robyn Youkillis. “It’s all about cracking the code.”

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