How to feng shui your digital life in 20 minutes or less

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophical practice that's been discussed in great lengths as a way of fixing relationships, and in some cases, even earning more money. The basics involve making adjustments in your home or office to create a better energy flow and more harmonious environment.

"If your environment isn't in a balanced state, then your life can't be in a balanced state," feng shui expert Suzanne Felter tells me.

But, what about a different world — the digital world, for example. We spend so much time there, yet we barely put any effort into making sure that all pieces of that environment are equally balanced.

According to Nielsen's Total Audience Report, American adults are spending more than 11 hours a day watching TV, listening to the radio or using smartphones and other electronic devices.

"Most of us spend so many hours on the computer or on our phones that we are most certainly feeling the the effects of that energy," notes Felter. "It's important to apply similar clearing techniques you would in your home with your digital life to restore that balance and flow."

While clearing out our inboxes is a step that seems to be on our perpetual to-do list, Felter offers a few ways to feng shui your digital life in 20 minutes or less. Click HERE to find out how.

Feng Shui Tips and Tricks You Can Actually Use in Your Home


What you think you know about feng shui might not be feng shui at all, says Laura Benko, author of the upcoming book The Holistic Home: Mind Body Spirit Space.

“Feng shui, particularly holistic feng shui, goes beyond organizing your space because its not about moving your couch and getting rich,” Benko tells me. "It’s connecting the dots between the challenges in your life and how they can physically manifest in your environment.” 

The practice is often shrouded in confusion or is simplified to just cleaning up your home. People often believe that feng shui just means having an organized living and workspace. While that basic idea does have benefits, there are some better and more surprising ways to take that energy flow a step further.

Click here to Benko’s simple feng shui tips that you can implement right now to feel a difference.