Why this woman took herself on a honeymoon to Hawaii

Gorgeous sunset, luxury hotel, ocean views and palm trees: sounds like the perfect romantic vacation. For Jen Litt, a publicist for a TV network, this dreamy trip was one she did on her own. "I took myself on a honeymoon," Jen tells Urban Chi. "I'm celebrating incredible milestones this year for friends and family, but I really wanted to take some time and do something for myself."

Already planning on being in Los Angeles for business, Jen decided to travel the extra few hours to ultimate honeymoon destination of Hawaii for a little self-pampering. "It was originally a place I thought I'd go with a boyfriend or husband," says Jen. "But, life is short and I don't want to wait for that to happen. I want to start living for me and do things that make me happy whether or not I'm with someone." 

After telling some friends about her decision they offered to go with the 32-year-old, but Jen wanted to be on her own schedule and plan her days doing exactly what she wanted. "My mom showed a little concern about me going so far away alone," she says. "That didn't bother me though. I just wanted to be in the moment for me for once."

During her six days in Maui Jen stayed at the Wailea Marriot Resort and Spa and did everything you would typically due during a honeymoon, minus the spouse. "Every day I woke up when I wanted, would get breakfast, sit by the pool for a few hours, read and sightsee," adds Jen. "I went to a luau one night and even volunteered to go up on stage to learn how to hula. It was so much fun." The NYC-based publicist took herself on romantic excursions like watching the sun set from top-notch restaurants, getting spa treatments and trying her hand at hiking. "You shouldn't be afraid to be spontaneous or alone, meet new people, or try activities that might be outside your comfort zone."

Despite her busy and active schedule, Jen does admit there were times being alone hit her. "There were a couple of moments, I'm not going to lie, where I saw families and I got that little yearning about wanting to come back there someday when I have kids," she says. "There were a few couples that had just gotten engaged or celebrating a milestone, so it was sort of bittersweet." These lonely tinges would dissipate when she would remind herself of her initial reasoning for taking the impromptu trip. "I was so happy I didn't have to deal with anyone else," Jen adds. "Because that's what I do on a daily basis for my job; I cater to everyone else but me."


While Jen does hope to find someone one day, she has created a new definition for the term honeymoon. "Taking a honeymoon for yourself means putting yourself first and choosing to do something you have always wanted to do, regardless of having a partner," she says. "With everyone's busy schedules, it's easy to get burned out so it's important to take the time to pamper yourself, rejuvenate, relax, and re-center. Everyone should take themselves on a honeymoon!"

For her actual, more traditional honeymoon with her future husband, Jen thinks a South African safari would be perfect. But, she is quick to note, "I'd go with a friend if they offer first!"