10 Places Around the World to Eat Gourmet Bugs

Most times if you see a bug on your plate at a fine dining establishment you’ll yell for the waiter, ask for a refund, and never come back. But lately people are touting the benefits of eating insects. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization recently issued a comprehensive report on the benefits of incorporating insects into the Western diet.

There are more than 1,900 edible insect species on the planet. The environmental cost of farming insects is low, and it takes up a fraction of the land that traditional farming does. Insects are rich in protein, calcium, iron, and zinc and are a source of good fats. While Asian cultures and Mexican regions like Oaxaca have known about these advantages for years, it’s taken a bit longer for the insect trend to go mainstream. Now, entomophagy (the term for consuming insects as food) is popping up in some of the most high-end restaurants in the world.

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