5 Reasons Meditation is Essential for your Summer Travels

Dina Kaplan suffered from panic attacks while running her last company, a NYC based start up. Rather than medicate herself, she chose to travel the world for two years studying the art of meditation. Now, she aims to make meditation more mainstream and accessible through The Path, starting with stressed out New Yorkers. 

And as we get ready for a busy summer, she let me in on some reasons why you should be including meditation in your beach itinerary. 

1.) The travel of travel - Flights get delayed, boats get canceled and drivers don’t show up at the designated time. At home we can control our schedule, but when you travel it’s nearly impossible. When you meditate, you’re more open. You’re less likely to get frustrated by things not going as planned. You end up having happier, calmer days. You’re more in the flow of life.

2.) Getting into the travel vibe - There’s a rhythm to the best days of a trip. It’s the plan of having no plan. It means you're open to meeting new people, stumbling into a restaurant you know nothing about, or exploring a new site or archeological dig. If you meditate when you travel, you’re more relaxed. You pay attention to what’s around you rather than focusing only on the destination.

3.) Being forgiving - When you meditate, you gain the tools to rise up from arguments and see the bigger picture. Travel can be trying on relationships. There are  decisions to make all day, and everyone has their own agenda. It’s also easy to get tired walking around museums or ruins or exploring new areas. If an argument starts, and you don’t meditate, you’ll be more inclined to fight right back, down at the level you were brought to.

4.) Making decisions - When you travel you make decisions all day - where to go, when to eat, what to eat, whether to go out at night or relax. You’re also often choosing which destination to hit next. When you meditate, you gain insight. You get in touch with the truth, and you feel your intuition.

5.) The power to relax - There’s a lot of pressure on a trip, especially if you work a lot and have limited time for vacations. But sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Meditation gives you the power to say: I’m good enough as I am. If I want to relax, I can honor that feeling and, for this moment, simply “be” rather than “do.”

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How Meditation Helped This Guy Ditch Dating Apps — And Get More Dates

Last year, Andy Glickman decided he’d had enough. The now-24-year-old realized that his love life essentially consisted of a string of people just looking for superficial or physical relations, with no interest in connecting on an emotional level. He was meeting people online and through apps, and would frequently receive unsolicited nude pictures from people more than twice his age. And he was tired of it.

So Glickman, who also happens to be a sought-after yoga instructor and meditation coach in Philadelphia, decided to apply his expertise in meditation to his love life. 

How? Meditation is all about being centered and remaining in the present moment. Glickman took that emphasis on present awareness and turned it inward to gain new perspective. “Meditation helped me take control of my life from the inside out,” he tells Yahoo Health. “I became more aware of my ‘vibe’  and what I was giving off in real life at bars, in restaurants etc. I quickly realized that if I wanted to be successful at connecting with others, I had to radiate only my best vibes. This meant confronting and clearing out my own insecurities.”

By the end of 2015, Glickman had deleted all of the dating apps on his phone and made it his resolution to meet people in real life instead of online. “Meditation taught me that I was ready to meet someone in real life rather than defaulting to the social norm of meeting someone online,” he explains. “I had to soften to the idea that it was still a possibility to approach/be approached face-to-face without any sexual connotation.”

And then he made a point to change the way he met new people. "I started handing out my phone number more and did things like maintaining stronger eye contact,” he says. “Meditation spurred me to be more bold organically without realizing it. As I began to focus on myself, not only did I begin to notice the people around [me], it was as if people began to notice me.”

Now, he says he is more confident going on dates and in his ability to ask others out.  Over the last four months, he’s gone on 10 dates, some with the same people, and has been approached by about eight different people — all of this without the help of the Internet.

Here, Glickman shares his six tips to incorporate meditative practices into your daily life if your goal is to step up your dating game. They’re geared toward making you more confident approaching someone, but also figuring out the type of person you wish to attract.

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Jeff Kober’s 5 Tips For Staying Zen While Traveling

Jeff Kober knows exactly what it takes to become calm in the craziest of situations. As an accomplished actor starring in Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead he learned first hand how constant traveling, long days and overwhelming stress could affect your daily life. Not wanting to live that life anymore, Jess became a Vedic meditation expert and has worked hard to teach people basic techniques to use anytime, but especially when on the go.

Unfortunately, stress and traveling tend to go hand in hand when plans go wrong or you simply can’t disconnect from work. That’s why I tapped him at the Buick 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive to find out five ways to decompress, reset and make the most out of our vacations no matter what goes awry. 

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