9 Toxic Foods That Are Probably In Your Kitchen Right Now

We're all taught certain foods to be weary of like raw shellfish and under cooked meat. But, daffodils aren't really on the radar. The Public Health England recently sent a letter to major stores warning them to keep the bulbs of the flower away from other produce because it is often confused with onions or popular Chinese vegetables.

The reason for their concern is daffodils contain a toxin that can cause severe vomiting. And this seemingly innocent plant isn't the only one.

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Finally! You Can... Be On Time

It's 2015, so here's not breaking another bad habit!

Do your friends tell you to meet them a half-hour earlier than you’re supposed to, fully expecting you to be late? While you might think that tardiness is simply engrained in your personality (or even genetic!), it is a habit that is possible to break.

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Finally! You Can... Stop Hitting The Snooze Button

2015 is here and it's time to start breaking those bad habits! 

Are you one of those people who sets the alarm early, hoping to finally — magically — morph into a morning person who is able to wake up without hitting snooze?  For many of us (particularly the non-early bird crowd), the thought of waking up on the first alarm seems nearly impossible. But the truth is, it is possible to break your snooze button habit.

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8 Health Benefits to Practicing Yoga

There's no good reason that women dominate the yoga room at the gym. The benefits for yoga in meeting fitness goals for men — whether it's to get bigger or dominate on the tennis court — are clear: "Men have tighter muscles, limited flexibility, and tight, narrow hips," says Andy Glickman a registered yoga teacher. "Yoga will help loosen up muscles and increase flexibility, also stimulating blood flow throughout areas of the body."

Furthermore, studies show that incorporating yoga into a weekly routine will make the average body stronger, help you eat healthier, get ahead at work, and have better sex. Here's a look at the science-backed benefits of yoga. 

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