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FREE Health History
Tired of being tired? Feeling overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities in your life? Looking to find that sense of play in your life again? Can't stop yo-yo dieting? Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of flow.

Group Coaching
Get all the benefits of one-on-one coaching with the added perk of input from a larger group. We'll work together to achieve your health goals and start building the life of your dreams.

Online Coaching (COMING SOON)
Can't attend an in person coaching session? Download my latest course that will help guide you on a healthy journey from any where in the world. 


“Trying to find balance in my hectic schedule has always proven to be a challenge. I am very driven in my career, work long hours and tend to make food choices based off convenience. I have been worked with Jordi for only a few short weeks but have already seen a significant change in my energy levels and over all well-being. She has guided me in making subtle changes – such as prepping healthy meals the night prior or gradually adding exercise into my schedule. I am still able to kill it at the office but am living a healthier lifestyle thanks to her guidance. I would highly recommend Jordi for anyone living a manic city life! She helps you find inner peace." -Victoria M. 

"Jordi is extremely down-to-earth and a great listener. She doesn't use a "formula" for her teachings or health guidelines, but truly hears her clients and creates advice and guidance that works for each individual. She is very motivational, comforting and trusting." - Alexandra Reicheck  (The Door Public Relations)