This Luxury Hotel is Offering a Meditation Package in Honor of Global Wellness Day

The Mandarin Oriental is known for many things: luxury, service, design and more. But, now they're also interested in helping their guests commit to a wellness practice. With more attention being paid to the health, emotional and psychological benefits of meditation in recent years, the New York location of the hotel is collaborating with a selection of experts to develop a series of immersive wellness experiences and unique programming for guests.

Building on its longstanding commitment to overall well-being and continuing to offer an oasis of calm high above the city, New Yorkers and visitors alike are invited to learn the practice of silent mantra meditation and attain a renewed sense of well-being under the guidance of consciousness consultant Shivangi Van Gogh, Founder of The Green Ashram, with the M-OHMents of Wellness immersive weekend journey from June 10 to 12.

In addition to four 90-minute guided meditation sessions led by Shivangi Van Gogh where guests will learn the proper techniques to become life-long meditators, the comprehensive program also features spa treatments, nutritious culinary experiences and a special yoga session on Saturday, June 11th in honor of Global Wellness Day designed to complement the meditation practice. 

I'm not sure I could think of a better way to celebrate Global Wellness Day. 

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