Holy Health! Meet spiritual leaders who practice both faith and fitness

With the Pope's arrival in the United States, the conversation about religion and faith has been at the forefront. Many of us turn to religious leaders for everything from spiritual guidance to life advice. But using them for workout and diet tips? Not so much.

Yet, as obesity rates rise worldwide, more and more faith leaders are turning to a healthier lifestyle and encouraging their followers to do the same.

While a strong spiritual foundation and prayer or meditation can have positive effects on the mind, everyone from the pope to the Dalai Lama has incorporated physical activity and healthy eating into their daily routine.

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Emily Ratajkowski on Juicing, Her Body Insecurity, and Why You Shouldn't Copy Her Fitness Plan

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has had quite the last few years. Lately, she’s been traveling the world, promoting her new flick with Zac Efron, We Are Your Friends. And before that, the 24-year-old had a memorable part in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video in 2013, and also played opposite Ben Affleck in the 2014 film Gone Girl. So with all these high-profile roles, it’s not surprising that Ratajkowski is often asked about how she gets, and maintains, that enviable body.

And sure, she’ll tell you how she likes to stay in shape, or her go-to healthy foods. But she won’t share this info because she wants you to try to do the same exact thing, to achieve the exact same results — because the truth is, every person is different.  

“People will say ‘How do I get abs like you?’” she told me. “I don’t know. We’re all different. If my girlfriend did what I did, hiking and yoga for a workout, it would affect her body in a different way. That’s the message that I really want to get out there. I’m trying to counteract that culture. “

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'Sweatworking': Why you should turn your next meeting into a workout

Fitting a workout in between work and family is no easy task. You may have every intention of getting in that early morning run, but your kid gets sick and you need those precious few hours for some extra sleep. Or, you plan to hit the gym after wrapping up at work, but have to take a client out.

Many of us are left having to decide between getting ahead or getting in shape, making the ever popular happy hour part of our daily lives.

But, as more and more people are eager to make their health a priority, there's been a shift from cocktails to cardio to get business done. The growing practice of connecting with a colleague or client over a walk, run or fitness class — aka "sweatworking" — is elbowing networking out of bars and restaurants and into fitness experiences for travelers on the road. Now, group biking or hotel running paths have become the new nine holes of golf rather than a three-martini lunch for business travelers

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Victoria's Secret model ​Sara Sampaio shares her tips to staying fit

Sara Sampaio is one of the latest Victoria's Secret models to earn her Angel wings and has been having a blast traveling the world. The 24-year-old has even created her own hashtag, #saratakeover, to follow her adventures on . But, being a part of a long line of famous Angels like Gisele Bündchen and Karlie Kloss takes some hard work. The brunette beauty opened up to me, while celebrating the all new Body by Victoria launch in Houston, Texas to fill us in on her workout and beauty secrets to be runway ready.

"To be a Victoria's Secret Angel it takes confidence and determination to really go after your dreams," Sara shared. "You can never give up."

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Harley Pasternak: Celeb Trainer Turned Luxury Hotel Expert

If there is one thing personal trainer Harley Pasternak and luxury hotel line the Four Seasons has in common, it’s their ability to cater to their high-end clientele. So, it made sense when the two parked up in a business venture. As someone who has worked to craft some of Hollywood’s best bodies like Rihanna and Jessica Simpson, Harley has also developed home gyms aimed at getting the most use out of little equipment in a short amount of time. Hotels have a similar problem with wanting to provide top-notch machines and gear in an often-limited space.

“I always have client you say they’d love to have my gym at home,” Harley tells me. “So, I started building home gyms for people like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kim and Kanye and now I’m helping the Four Seasons develop their fitness spaces around the world.”

Never expecting “hotel expert” would be something on his resume, Harley admits that this partnership and project has “been super exciting.” He adds, “I started as a personal trainer, then took on celebrity clients, then became an author, a video game designer and she designer and now I get to help create one of my favorite hotel’s fitness space.”

But, he not creating you ordinary hotel gym. These spaces are the epitome of luxury and functionality to please the clientele using them.

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5 Truths About Dating Someone Whose Life Revolves Around Fitness

The first time I knew I wanted to date my now-fiancé Ross was when I saw him out for a run. We’d known each other since we were kids, but it wasn’t until I was a senior in high school — and saw him sprinting past me — that I realized the boy from second grade had grown up. 

We started dating, and so began our journey of growing up together and weaving our individual passions and interests. One big one in particular: Ross’ athletic prowess and commitment to running. He ran varsity track and cross country at New York University while I studied journalism in Boston — so with his daily practices and meets on the weekends, we quickly had to learn how to compromise and support each other. 

While I’m active enough — I do frequent the gym! — our athletic capabilities have never been on an equal plane. In other words, sports were always going to be his thing. 

Eleven years later, we’re still together and Ross is now a competitive triathlete. We no longer have to navigate the Boston-to-New-York long-distance situation, but we now are learning to navigate his twice-a-day training schedule as he prepares for the USA Triathlon National Championships.

Throughout our relationship, and especially now that Ross is in the thick of training, there are some realities I’ve come to realize from dating someone passionate about fitness.

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